Let's face it, most of us FEEL like average people, with average days, and mostly bad hair days. We are busy, tired, sometimes grouchy, and a lot of times happy and enthused. But here is the thing. Senior year is a LANDMARK. You're teetering between adulthood/responsibility and fun, carefree teen years. And while average is the norm for getting through your senior year, YOU ARE NOT AVERAGE. There is something very special about you, you can see it, but you're not sure anyone else can. Besides your parents, of course. My mission is to capture that "specialness." For a moment, to make you look like the ROCKSTAR we both know you are. To capture it on camera and then print it on huge on a canvas, post it all over Instagram, tell the world! Then you can always go back to it, and think to yourself "sure, today I feel average. But I'm not, and here is the proof." I'm here to set the record straight with everyone. YOU ARE NOT AVERAGE, YOU'RE ICONIC IN YOUR OWN WAY.

Welcome to my website. Enjoy looking around and contact me to book your senior portraits when you're ready.